DD 803 FAQ


Any crew member that I list on this site MUST be verified by Official U.S. Naval documentation as having served aboard the DD 803. I have pulled together muster calls, the ship’s deck logs and various other official Naval documentation to confirm those who are listed within the current crew list. A few crew have been added after being confirmed as having served aboard the DD 803 as per their discharge papers.

How long was the U.S.S. Little DD 803 in service?

The U.S.S. Little DD 803 was commissioned on August 19, 1944 and was sunk by Kamikaze aircraft on May 3, 1945 after having been in service for one-year, three-months and 16 days.

Who was the U.S.S. Little named after?

Captain George Little, USN 

Why don’t I see the name of a relative on the crew list when I know they served aboard the U.S.S. Little?

1. Since there were two Little’s, it is most likely due to the fact that the individual you are referring to served on the first Little which was first designated as DD 79 and later recommissioned as the APD-4. I have focused my attention primarily on the second Little (DD 803), however you can find out more information on the first Little by selecting the the first Little.

2. The individual you are referring to served on the U.S.S. Liddle (DE-206/APD-60).

3. The individual you are referring to served on the U.S.S. Little (DD 803) but I have not yet been able to get verifying data confirming that.

4. The individual is/was actually a brother, son or other relative of one of the actual crew.

5. The individual is/was a crewmember of one of the other ships in Radar Picket Station #10 on May 3, 1945.

The Little sank at Guadalcanal, why do you say she sank at Okinawa?

The first U.S.S. Little (APD-4) previously (DD 79) was sunk at Guadal Canal in 1942. The second Little (DD 803), which this page has been developed for, was sunk off of Okinawa on May 3, 1945.