USS Little APD 4 / DD 79

Over the years I have been contacted by several individuals wanting to add family to the website for the USS Little (DD 803).  In an effort to maintain site integrity I only add crew who I am able to verify having served aboard the DD 803 via official US Navy documentation.  During this time I have also  discovered that many of these individuals did not server on the DD 803, but rather either the APD 4 or DD 70 (the first USS Little) which was sunk at Guadalcanal on September 05, 1942 after action with the Japanese Navy.

Please note that the my primary research lies with the “second” U.S.S. Little DD 803, but as a matter of historical perspective I continue to develop a separate section on the “first” U.S.S. Little APD 4 (DD 70) in remembrance of those who served aboard her so that we may be free.