11 November 2018

Veterans Day 2018

I would like to take a moment to honor all Veterans on this Veterans Day.  This day is observed not only to remember those who died in service to our country, but also recognize those who have served and those who continue to serve today.

The History of Veterans (Armistice) Day

Veterans Day is recognized annually on November 11th.

1919 – Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day (President Wilson commemorated) and marked the end of hostilities of World War I that occurred at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.

1926 – U.S. Congress passes resolution for an annual observance of Armistice Day

1938 – Armistice Day made a legal federal (national) holiday.

1954 – The word “Armistice” was replaced with “Veterans” by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a way to formally include all Veterans of all American wars in the day of remembrance.

USS Little DD 803 Veterans

Based on my records, as of this Veterans Day, there are three shipmates who I have been able to verify as living within the past five years.

Crew Onboard USS Little DD 803 on May 3, 1945

Crew that had been previously listed as living (based on records over 10 years old) have been changed to a status of “unknown” until we are able to verify a living or deceased status.  If you have any information on any of the crew, please contact me using the Contact Us link on the top right of the website.

257 of the USS Little DD 803 May 3, 1945 crew are deceased; 31 of those were killed in action.

48 of the USS Little DD 803 May 3, 1945 crew have a status of “unknown”

Crew Not Onboard USS Little DD 803 on May 3, 1945

There were, from official US Naval records I’ve been able to obtain, 34 crewmen who served on the USS Little DD 803 prior to her sinking on May 3, 1945.  Of those, 11 are deceased and 23 have a status of “unknown.”

Unconfirmed Crew

We currently have 6 individuals who are “unconfirmed” as having served on the USS Little DD 803.  These individuals have been reported by others as having served on the USS Little, however I’ve been unable to verify via official US Naval records that they were ever aboard the DD 803.  Many times these individuals served aboard the first Little (USS Little DD 79 / APD4) or the USS Liddle DE 206 / APD 260)

USS Little DD 803 Crew Lost in 2018 (who I have notifications of as of 11/11/2018)

Edward (Ed) O. Seiford – October 27, 2018

Eugene (Gene) S. Clift – May 11, 2018

Franklyn (Frank) A. Whall – May 1, 2018