29 February 2016

In May 2015 the website experienced a catastrophic failure, which resulted in the loss and corruption of a large portion of the data I had. While I’ve been able to recover some data, the crew data corruption was so severe that I will need to hand enter paper data I have, which unfortunately will not only take longer to accomplish but will also lack some of the information that I had added on the fly in the past during conversations with various crew-members and their families.

Thank you for your patience as I redevelop the USS Little DD 803 website.


I’m continuing to enter data as I review my paper records.  All electronic data which I was able to recover has been reentered into the site, so if you notice any misspellings or missed information please let me know via the Contact Us link at the top right of the page.

The crew aboard on 3 May 1945

STATS 2015 2016
Living: 67 53
Deceased 227 238
KIA 30 31
Unknown 15 15

Killed in action update: The DANFS had always stated 31 KIA however documentation I had always listed 30.  Last night I was able to come across the final Master Roll of the Crew after the sinking and was able to determine that S 1c Charles E. Summerford died on 8 May 1945 aboard the USS Crescent City from wounds sustained during the sinking of the DD 803.

Prior to the May 2015 crash of the website we had 67 crew as living, however less than 10 had been in contact with any former crew from what I’ve been able to determine.  After the past few months of research I’ve been able to confirm the status of the below crew formerly listed as living to deceased.

Babcock, Gordon W. – 1 Jan 2015

Gray, Gene E. – 26 Jan 2015

Greene, Murray C. – 14 Apr 2012

Jenkins, Grady A. – 10 Mar 2008

Mills, William J. – 28 Mar 2010

Mohar, Frank J. – 11 Apr 2010

Oppelt, Paul C. – 02 Aug 2008

Rogers, Allen R. – 20 Oct 2000

Stewart, Harold J. – 22 Mar 2005

Wright, Jesse R. – 19 Jan 2009

End of Entry