Site Update

January 7, 2012

This weekend I have been working on site cleanup, reorganization and adding new information. My goal continues to focus on providing a clean, easy to use and informative site.

I’ve added two new areas this weekend. First you should notice the WORKING ON page from the top right menu. This page will provide you with an overview of items I have yet to add to the site. As you navigate the current site you will notice that some links will take you to blank pages or pages with limited information. Typically those are the pages I have yet to complete. Check the WORKING ON page and if you see those pages still listed there be assured that the information I have for those pages is still in the development and data entry stage.

Finally I have added the A Dream section. My overall goal is not only to provide a digital web-based perspective of the U.S.S. Little DD 803, but to also develop and eventually open the U.S.S. Little DD 803 Museum & Research Center. To find out more on that project click on the A Dream link at the top left of the page main menu bar.

Thanks for continuing to visit the DD 803!