Site Update

July 11, 2012

The brief entries for all crew who served aboard the U.S.S. Little (DD 803) at one point in time or another have been added.

As per several official USN documents I have been able to determine that on May 3, 1945 there were 339 individual aboard the DD 803 when she was attacked. 320 enlisted men and 19 officers manned their battle stations in a valiant effort to fight off the incoming Kamikaze attacks. When all was said and done the DD 803 was lost. 31 of her crew were killed as a result of action on this day along with another 52 suffering physical wounds.

In addition to these 339 individuals we currently have a list of 26 others who served aboard the DD 803 prior to that fateful day in May. I have verified that 13 of these men were on-board (transferred off before May 3, 1945) via USN documents, while the remaining 13 were talked about by former crew. I will continue to adjust this area to best reflect and give credit to time served aboard the DD 803, as my goal is to maintain a site that is as historically accurate as possible.